Why this blog

Because a proliferation of traditional Catholic content means greater social awareness of traditional Catholicism. One hopes that will produce conversions.

National Traditionalist is borne of the fact that a great many people on social media do not want to participate in political and religious discourse and social media is thoroughly unreliable given their extreme leftist bent.

Most people want non-controversial vanilla subjects like cat memes and parenting struggles. And surely those things have their place.

However, I fear in ignoring these other deeply important issues because they cause unsettling feelings, we are conceding ground to the enemies of our faith, our economic welfare, and our way of life. We place Western Civilization in jeopardy.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

– Edmund Burke

What to Expect

  • Commentary on current events, political and religious, some of it snarky, all of it from a traditional Catholic perspective
  • Blatantly and unashamedly Catholic perspectives on sex, marriage, politics, economics, philosophy, and the social contract
  • Devotions and traditions directed at celebrating Catholic saints, feast days, etc. in line with traditional Catholic culture(s) – these may include recipes as well as cultural practices
  • Brutally honest and unapologetic condemnation of immorality, modernism, abortion, globalism, socialism, freemasonry, satanism, and heresy of all types
  • A frequent Call to Arms, typically spiritual (because we are in a war against principalities and powers), but other times, calling for activism and initiatives which mobilize and agitate against the enemies of Christ
  • Sharing of advice and tips for SHTF scenarios – not because it’s the end of the world, but because it’s close

What I Hope to Accomplish

I could easily enough write my thoughts in a private journal, but I’m a conversationalist. I love the exchange and flow of ideas and the defense of the truth to the ignorant, the misinformed, and the malicious.

I believe in the power of writing to potentially change the world by changing the hearts and minds of individuals. Whether God will use any of us in such a manner, as the proximate means of that change, is out of our hands. That we should make ourselves available for His use in these dire times, when support for His Kingship is so few and far between, is without question.

My Favorite Reader

… is the one who is interactive and has something to say. While lurkers have their merits, man is a social animal and interaction and discourse has invariably been the means by which change of any sort has occurred.

While modern society breaks us into clan-like tribal groupings where we feel the need to defend our opinions to the death, for better or worse, we Catholics adhere to a supraorganizational entity – a society founded on religious principles given to us by Christ – which unites us in all the ways that ultimately matter.

My favorite readers are those who may disagree with me on the externals of living life, but are kind enough to publicly recognize that we are united by the common bonds of our weak and frail human existence, the grace received of God in the sacraments, and our membership via baptism into the one true Church of Christ.

Let’s be Real

I want this blog to be real, authentic, sometimes raw and poignant. Because of the nature of the beast, it will frequently come across as negative and disproportionately focused on the evils currently taking place in this world. Sadly, the evil is the squeaky wheel that always gets the grease. Good deeds are seldom reported beyond one’s immediate circle of friends.

But because I want this blog to be real, certain postings will be fundraising campaigns for traditional Catholics who have run into unexpected hardship. These are real people, real Catholics, sometimes real friends that could use the support of their traditional Catholic community. I hope you won’t simply scroll by without offering up at least one Hail Mary on their behalf.

You’re Invited

If you have had enough of society’s liberal, modernist shenanigans, join me on this journey by subscribing to my blog feed. The more of us there are, sharing and participating, the more it will be impossible to silence and ignore us.

Nationalism, Catholicism, and Identity Politics

Why There is no Compatibility Between Racism and Catholicism

Above is a glorious expose of one of the most beautiful aspects of our religion – the Church’s respect and appreciation for individual ethnicities, and the marked setting aside of the particulars of any one persons local custom in taking up the habit and living the consecrated life.

It is a putting off of self, and all material considerations, even those they practiced according to their individual local custom. Each of the nuns-to-be is wearing the traditional bridal costume of her respective ethnicity.

She will remove it and take up the veil instead, marking her as the bride of Christ, relinquishing all personal attachment to the things of this world, even to the point of relinquishing her own identity. It is the donning of selflessness and self-abasement. We are nothing. God is all. Deus Vult.

Alt Right: Right Religion is a Production of Man (Race)

Consider, however, in juxtaposition to the elevation of this self-sacrifice, those Catholics who want to participate in the vapid silly identity politics of the Alt-Right. That, because they all agree in their appreciation of Western Civilization, make the mistake of believing there may be something to the race based arguments of the Alt-Right.

Even though the Alt-Right is hardly monolithic in its defense of race based separation of peoples, what they do inherently agree on is that religion is a production of man rather than a production of God. That makes sense considering so many of them are typically atheists, agnostics, or confused “Christians”, even Catholics, of various stripes.

They do not see right religion as the thing which is, full stop; as the source of ordered culture, an ordered culture, which, by its common morality across all subjective racial/local custom lines, produces true freedom in the secular plane.

To the contrary, they see it as the thing which is produced, as a byproduct of a given culture (Western) and that culture produced by a given race (European).

It presents the value of right religion, in so far as it is a cultural influence supporting Western Civilization specifically, as something to be admired and sought after because of what it does for their race (as they see it). They gut it entirely, denaturing the Faith and reduce it to a superficial entity which exists to protect superficial, materialistic considerations.

Alt-Right people, some of whom, unfortunately, are trad Catholics, are caught up in this identity politics. To put it in a visual way:

Race —> Culture —>Religion

God Doesn’t Care What Race You Are

Catholicism on the other hand:
Religion —> Culture —–> Freedom to formulate distinct cultural traditions (ethnicities)

Make no mistake, the Catholic Church, the single greatest influence in the creation of Western Civilization, has never discriminated according to race – not since there was the dispute between St. Peter and St. Paul regarding the gentiles. Souls matter – everything else is immaterial, and utterly transient, subject to the whims of time and locale.

Any Catholic who attempts to delineate along skin color lines is a very great fool, for they invert the sequence of causation in regard to culture and religion.

For a Catholic, what race we are doesn’t truly matter, because that’s a materialistic concern. It’s level of importance is directly proportionate to the level of importance we assign any other tool we might use for the raising and conversion of souls in this valley of tears.

Love for Western Civilization =/= Your Personal Superiority

Non-Catholics in the Alt-Right don’t understand this because they don’t understand religion. They want to identify with other people, to feel like they are not alone in this travail of life. They want a tribe.

Catholics who get caught up in it don’t understand this because they don’t understand their religion. Can we expect less given the poor catechesis and the confusion of the modern world?

They don’t understand that anything good that came out of Western Civiliztion came by way of the Catholic Church. Every good of Western Civ is directly attributable to the Catholic Church either by formulation or preservation. For that matter, every good (full stop) of every culture, every religion, every nation, every ethnicity is of God (and by extension, God’s Religion, the Catholic Church).

Western Civilization in particular is identifiable with Catholicism because it actually created it and the Roman rite tends to spread it wherever it goes. Catholicism is not the outcome of Western Civilization. It is the source. Holy Mother Church acts a fountain for the goods which the West has come up and retained.

Putting Things in Their Proper Perspective

The inherent godlessness of the Alt Right (i.e. the belief that religion is man-made, is an outcome of man’s culture and ethnicity) results in Racists assigning disproportionate importance to race and ethnicity because they are unable to see the forest for the trees. Race, our human existence, these are things that pass away. These are the trees. They are nothings. In the relative scale of things that truly matter, they are nothings.

They are nice nothings. But they are nothings. They help in the establishment of society – cultures tend to do that. And interestingly enough, from a social science point of view, they leave an indelible stamp on their peoples.

I have a huge admiration and love for all things Irish – they are a dramatic, poetic people who, if they can’t win at something easily, by golly, throw in the towel, have a drink and write a song about it. American country music hugely benefited from the Irish.

If I want something that works with mechanical precision, I look for German made. If I want an avante garde tech gadget, I’m looking for a product from Japan. If I want something that will last for years, I look for something from Korea. If I want something distinctly refined and elegant, I look to France, for staid and dry, to England, to fiery and dramatic, to Italy and Greece. If I want a bad a$$ warrior who just won’t stop, I am looking for a Pole (I have one. <3)

But those are all transient things because they are attached to this world. They are surely not worth losing my soul over through pride and an undue attachment to the things of this world.

Hubris Never Saved Anyone’s Soul

Taking pride in material considerations or being uncharitable toward others, failing in empathy or compassion, is not the Catholic way. Making so much of material considerations, regardless of what they are, is merely a matter of petty and juvenile hubris, and indicative of a weak, confused, and sadly insecure mind.

Catholics believe in borders and the intrinsic right to private property and national sovereignty. We also believe in compassion and taking up what we can admire and leaving the rest.

Other cultures may be drastically different than our own. If they are pagan, we convert them and repurpose for the service of Right Religion what are often perverted appropriations of Catholic truth. This is how we got the Christmas tree and carving pumpkins for All Hallow’s Eve.

There are goods to be had in other cultures. Just because they are not our own does not mean they are inherently unworthy of emulation or use. But we remain true to Catholicism. That is our north star. Not race. Not ethnicity. That’s worthless rubbish.

What Catholics Take Pride In

By all means, take pride in your race and ethnic background. Take pride in Western Civilization because it’s a glorious thing. But remember you, and I, and everyone else on God’s green earth, no matter who are what or how well endowed we are with truth, goodness, beauty, wealth, brains, or brawn, is anything more than an ass.

We may carry the jewels God has bestowed upon us in one form or fashion, but ultimately, we deserve nothing less than to be incinerated for our many offenses against God. We take pride in our infirmities, because that is all we have. “O happy fault that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!” That is the Catholic attitude.

We take pride in it only in the sense that by it the good God has deigned to send us a Redeemer gratis, without any merit of our own. (Repeat: Without. Any. Merit. Of. Our. Own.)

Grow Up Time

A word to the ‘Catholic’ white nationalists: You are no better than your poor black neighbor down the street, fool. You may be Catholic, and you may have the Truth. You may have a better chance of raising souls for heaven. Maybe. (Big maybe, considering your race-based presumptions.) But really, it means you have more to answer for because you’ve been given greater goods of which you are the custodian – again, through no merit of your own. You are still just as much of an ass as anyone else.)

It’s silliness. ‘Race- ism’, the belief that race and ethnicity matters so much, that a person is inherently better based off their skin-color or ethnicity, is silliness. Like all identity politics is. We’re different. People are different. Get over it. Catholic or not Catholic. That’s what matters.

Liberals finally admitting freedom of speech doesn’t work

You’ll notice in this telling expose that young liberals don’t believe other people have the right to be heard, to spread what they unilaterally and subjectively decide should not be spread.

What’s interesting is that it’s a case in point of the failure of the liberal thesis. For many years, this country tottered along believing utopian democracy was possible right around the next bend, even as we grew further and further remote from the (Catholicism informed) moral principles which allowed for a free republic in the first place.

Right or Wrong

We have now come full circle. What the Church has always recognized to be true, and was rejected by secular godless philosophers, is now recognized de facto by the modern alt left: there is no such thing as free speech. The God-given right to spread and disseminate falsehood is a delusion, an ideal America set up and established for ourselves with the common understanding that there were certain lines that wouldn’t be crossed.

Our modern age’s response is “Lines? What lines?” They defy anyone to contradict them no and have enshrined their will to act as arbiters of what should be socially acceptable, cemented in their right to determine what are legitimate opinions, to the point that their bloated sense of self-rightousness demands total and absolute submission. They are a mob who collectively claim, “You are either for us or you are against us.”

By comparison, the Catholic Church has always said error has no rights. No one has the right to preach error. Unlike the modern left, what constitutes error is not up to the subjective, vapid, and morally decrepit mind of the mob, but to God, known to us via the medium of God’s religion, Catholicism.

Such was the power of the order created from this religion that it civilized a continent. Remove it, and we revert back to barbarity. So we have.

The New Barbarism

We are now faced with a new dilemma, of socially irreconcilable differences. These are the things that revolutions are made of, and there is only so far society can bend under the pressure before it buckles and war breaks loose.

We have the despotism of disorder, opposed to the absolutism of order. What will we be left with in the end? And is there any way the devil will not win his ultimate goal of more souls?

Free speech, such as we Americans conceive it, is an impossible, unattainable goal. Because we are fallen humans with original sin, we will make evil choices. We will think wrongly. But error has no rights. Only truth is allowed, by right, to be spread (because all rights come from God and God is truth and goodness itself).

Stripping Away of True Freedom

Freedom, the ability to choose between goods, is itself a wonderful good, one which liberal leftists want to deprive us of by forcing their hedonistic amorality upon us. They want total hegemony over if and how we spend our money, how we privately own anything – assuming they allow private ownership, over what we read or listen to, what we think of anything and everything, and how our children are educated.

It’s an ideology, totalitarian, absolute, despotic, and tyrannical. It’s us or them. They have recognized it publicly and forcefully.

The time has come for Catholics everywhere to recognize the dire nature of this fight, to cease hoping that this will self-resolve without our active engagement and participation.

A Commentary on the Utter Tragedy that is ‘Desmond is Amazing’

The Zero Sum Game of God and Mammon

Desmond’s image has been scrubbed from the internet, thankfully. This sad soul is a participant at the DC gay pride parade.

Men and women shouldn’t be wearing each other’s clothes because it confuses the distinct nature of the sexes. Radical belief, I know. Terribly sexist. But also completely in line with human nature.

Some time ago, an acquaintance of mine who has several liberal relatives posted about the little boy, Desmond, who is being encourage to behave like an adult female stripper on a highly publicized stage.

She defended and encouraged his having the freedom to do so without censure and without shame. She attempted to justify this defense by way of analogy with her daughter who wanted to wear boy’s cargo shorts to school. She allowed it even though she knew her daughter would be made fun of – and was.

The following is my response to her, posted here because the zero sum game between God and mammon is becoming ever more apparent. Make no mistake, you will have to choose a side publicly at some point.

Just because a kid wants to do something doesn’t mean we should let them. My kid might “identify” as a unicorn, but I’m not going to encourage that, let him eat hay, live in a stable. That’s the difference between him being a child and my being an adult. I’m supposed to make rational decisions for them, to guide and help them make rational choices.

As a general rule, I’m not one to comment on other people’s parenting choices, but when someone touts a parenting decision publicly, they open themselves up for criticism, so my comment is this: your daughter getting bullied for her clothing is, in large part, your fault. 

It’s not like you didn’t have a strong suspicion it was going to happen if you let her wear them, yet you bought them (encouraged an imprudent choice) anyway. It’s your job to protect her as much as possible and instead, you knowingly opened her up for criticism, made her an object for censure, for the sake of giving her something she shouldn’t want in the first place (like my kid wants to live outside because “he’s a dinosaur”). 

You’ll disagree with that and call it “victim shaming” because you don’t have a problem with what Desmond’s wearing and how he’s behaving. I do have a problem with what he’s wearing and how he’s behaving because it isn’t appropriate to his sex. His parents shouldn’t allow it. They especially shouldn’t allow it on so public a stage.

I don’t believe children should be bullying, just like I don’t believe men should rape women. But I also believe parents shouldn’t purposely allow their children to make choices that will put them in the position of being bullied (unless it’s something fundamentally morally consciousable – i.e., a child wanting to defend the unborn is praiseworthy and laudable and I’d let an older teen participate in a relatively risky protest; wearing men’s clothing, on the other hand, is not a hill worth dying on.) 

Nor do I believe women should wear clothes that draw attention themselves to be viewed sexually unless it’s to their spouse. Not because men should be allowed to rape – *that* would be victim shaming – but because certain men do even if they shouldn’t, and because, whether you like it or not, men were built so as to desire women and to desire them more when emphasis is placed on certain female attributes (as if their God-implanted biophysiological response is so shameful a thing).

I would hope you can see that we have a fundamental disagreement here which results in a zero sum game world view. Well, Our Lord said you are either for me or against me, so the inability for our arguments to exist side by side makes sense to me.

While many of us deplore what they are allowing and encouraging this child to do, that does not mean we are malicious or ill-willed toward him, such as your accusation of “judging” would imply. 

If anything, quite the opposite. Our hearts are breaking over what’s being done to him. It’s a travesty. God help those who support, endorse, and participate in it. Better for a man to have a millstone about his neck and be drowned in Lake Gennesareth than to scandalize a little one.

Why ‘Catholic’ Religious Should Sit Down and Shut Up

A rash of outraged priests and nuns who feel compelled to protest against Trump’s immigration policies has produced a raging debate amongst Catholics. On the one hard are the liberal ‘Catholics’ who back the globalists (and typically believe in contraception and abortion as well), on the other the conservative Catholics who believe in using a door as a protective measure.

You won’t see these priests and nuns getting arrested in droves in abortion clinics. Isn’t it amazing how human lives matter all of a sudden when the leftist media can drum up attention, using unfortunate children brought in by irresponsible parents, as political tools?

And here are people donning the collar and habit (why do I suspect they are using religious clothing as a way to reinforce the supposed righteousness of their cause?) to participate in politicking against the president of the U.S. Where was their anti-abortion politicking for the past forty years? Apparently globalist agenda actually matters. Human babies, not so much.

But did you expect differently from the hypocritical, Modernist Novus Ordo? I didn’t.

What leftist Catholics seem to forget in their attempt to conflate charity with globalism, is that St. Thomas Aquinas made it very clear that a country has the right to establish borders. Read this article by TFP for an in depth analysis of St. Thomas Aquinas’ defense of immigration policies including borders.

What’s hilarious is that this has to be pointed out, however. As if a border, just like one has a door that locks on one’s house, isn’t the most obvious common sense proposition in the history of man. And yet, here we are.

I am Catholic. I believe in the scholastic method. I defend St. Thomas Aquinas and the Church denoting him as her preeminent scholar. I believe in a border. Do you? Do you like the way these people are misrepresenting Catholicism as a globalist religion?

Join me in a counterprotest hashtag campaign:: #CatholicsBelieveInBorders. Post a pic of you holding a poster: I am with St. Thomas Aquinas. Catholics believe in borders.

Should Pro-Life Non-Profits be Using their Resources for Children at the Border?

No. Here’s why.

In a recent article by truthout.org (a misnomered site if I’ve ever heard one because they wouldn’t know truth if it bit them in the rear), a bleeding heart SJW writer opines,

Children are dying at our doorstep, exhausted, underfed and alone. It is revealing of the so-called pro-life’s movements true motivations that this horror is being ignored by its leading organizations.

Kendra Stanton Lee

Let’s set aside the bold faced hypocrisy of leftists claiming to care about immigrant children, while also touting “reproductive rights” and abortion, or as Matt Walsh once put it, you can’t tell me you care about immigrant children when you stand upon a mountain of a million dead babies.

That these people are the worst sort of deceivers, or maybe they are just that irrational/stupid, is clear in their attempt to claim that because a company spends its resources along its mission directive, it’s hypocritical, evil, or heartless. 

Nothing on the homepage of National Right to Life, which spent $270,000 lobbying against abortion in 2018, would suggest the containment of children in cages on U.S. soil is among its most pressing concerns. 

Kendra Stanton Lee

Lack of focus explains a lot

Perhaps this professional truth masseuse may have never heard of ‘mission parameters’ or that popularized business idiom, ‘the one thing,’ or as the ancient Romans liked to say Age Quod Agis: ‘Do what you are doing.’

People are welcome to set up non-profits benefiting immigrant children. And others can donate, knowing their money is going to the cause of immigrant children as opposed to a pro-choice cause, a global warming cause, an anti-abortion cause or the Trump 2020 cause or the Build the Wall cause. Why? 

Because a non-profit company’s mission statement should be a clear directive of where their efforts and monies are spent. People donate with the understanding that the organization they are donating to will abide by that mission and not go after every cause ownership subjectively determines is worthy. 

Different people see life differently

Maybe it’s inconceivable to the writer, but those who are prolife are not a group think monolith that all think the same. Some see donating to the border wall as far more effective in saving lives, than donating to aid organizations. Yeah, it’s true. Incomprehensible, isn’t it? 

I love how leftists can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that people don’t fit into neat little categories that they can condemn at will.

Come on, now. This isn’t rocket science. I would have hoped that democrats are not so desperate to divide this country further and demonize their conservative neighbors, that they would call out commonly understood professionalism as heartlessness. Unfortunately not.

The Bald Truth

If anyone is wondering why we’ve become a nation of wimps, it’s because we’ve let emotionally charged bleeding heart SJWs like this run this country for far too long.

The bald truth is if we had a wall, the number of children coming over the border would be far less.

The bald truth is that the onus for the care of these children does not belong to our country. It does not belong to our families. It does not belong to pro-life non-profits. It belongs to the parents who brought them here or sent them here. It’s a tragic shame that these children are suffering like this. As a nation, we should do what we can – and we are, through our taxes.

The bald truth is that there are only so many resources to go around. Families and funding in the U.S. have to make a choice about what they want to fund beyond their taxes. If they have to choose between funding a company focused on saving babies lives and a company focused on saving immigrant children’s lives, who the heck do you think you are to judge their choice?

Just because they aren’t funding your personal bleeding heart cause du jour doesn’t mean they are evil monsters. The audacity to even suggest it is mind-boggling.

Irreconcilable Differences

And why stop there with immigrant children? There are soo many human crises happening in the United States alone. It’s like the other lie they like to use: if pro-life people really cared about life, they would allow abortion because the foster system is so bad, foster kids are better off dead. I can’t with that kind of stupid. I just can’t.

It’s a zero sum game when it comes to resources and pro-life non-profits answer to their donors – not to liberals who want them to hare after this that and the other causes (which just so happen to coincide with their anti-Trump agenda.)

With this kind of irrationality, I see civil war on the horizon. You can’t reason with insane people. And these people are certifiable.

Independence Day Catholicism

Patriotism, Americanism, and the Limitations of Liberty

One might expect on a blog entitled ‘National Traditionalist’ that it embraces the Americanist thesis popular among the likes of most socons, from Rush Limbaugh to Mark Levine. One would be wrong.

Every year, the 4th of July stands not only as a teary eyed reminder of the founding of our nation, but as a timely reminder that what this country was founded on – the freemasonic ideals of liberty – is a deeply flawed premise.

Not only should Catholics dislike Americanism, they should condemn it for the heresy it is, along with Pope Leo XIII.

He rightly saw that overweening nationalistic and protestant and deist freemasonic beliefs in manifest destiny were displacing a proportionate sovereign ambition and modest patriotism, to the point that worship of our nations founding principles (i.e. the Constitution) began to carry the sacrosanct quality of Holy Writ, and our founding fathers the mystic weight of our very own pantheon of false gods.

But surely, the socon claims, with much righteous indignation, surely then one must admit that you hate America if you don’t hold that the founding fathers are to be revered for introducing to the world the single greatest government establishment known to man.

To the contrary…

Catholics Must be Patriots

Lest anyone assert otherwise, let it be known that Catholics are obliged to be patriotic. We’re required to love our country as a matter of duty to the state, as a child would love and obey his parents.

As nature and religion prescribe to children dutiful conduct towards the parents who brought them into the world, so nature and religion impose on citizens certain obligations towards their country and its rulers. These obligations may be reduced to those of patriotism and obedience. Patriotism requires that the citizen should have a reasonable esteem and love for his country. He should take an interest in his country’s history, he should know how to value her institutions, and he should be prepared to sacrifice himself for her welfare. In his country’s need it is not only a noble thing, but it is a sacred duty to lay down one’s life for the safety of the commonwealth. Love for his country will lead the citizen to show honour and respect to its rulers. They represent the State, and are entrusted by God with power to rule it for the common good. The citizen’s chief duty is to obey the just laws of his country. 

Catholic Encyclopedia

Perhaps, reading such a quote, the Americanist would say that Americansim is, in fact, defensible, even laudable. If Americanism referred solely to a patriotic love of one’s country, as opposed to embracing an entire system of beliefs which are incompatible with Catholicism, they might have a point. However, such is not the case. Americanism is rooted in raising up subjectivism at the expense of all that is principled, good, and holy.

Americanism: Paving the Way for Vatican II

The underlying principle of these new opinions is that, in order to more easily attract those who differ from her, the Church should shape her teachings more in accord with the spirit of the age and relax some of her ancient severity and make some concessions to new opinions. Many think that these concessions should be made not only in regard to ways of living, but even in regard to doctrines which belong to the deposit of the faith. They contend that it would be opportune, in order to gain those who differ from us, to omit certain points of her teaching which are of lesser importance, and to tone down the meaning which the Church has always attached to them. 

Pope Leo XIII, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae

Any traditional Catholic reading such a quote will immediately recognize the incipient modernism of the American thesis, which Pope Leo XIII refers to above. We heard this same idea echoed in the aggiornomento of Paul VI and JPII. We hear it in the modernist clarion call to “be relevant to the modern age” and in Bergoglio’s admonitions that the Church must be updated and leave behind the ‘rigors of a a religion caught up in superficial ritual’ if it’s going to appeal to younger generations.

(On a side note, it’s quite evident that Bergoglio is missing the boat by a mile. The youth are not interested in the hippie anti-authoritarian socialism which marked the boomer generation. They are interested in getting to know their religious and social roots, their traditions, and the traditional mores which underpin society. The leftover hippies are guilty of imposing their rose-tinted glasses on the world, of letting their wishful thinking dictate policy, and now it’s all tumbling like a house of cards).

The Vatican II religion was and is dedicated to compromise with the world, fallen subject to the same overweening idealism of our freemasonic forefathers. While the council fathers were were ostensibly interested in making the Church more attractive for the sake of converting non-Catholics, they fell prey to an ideology which is inherently anti-Catholic. The final culmination of such a mindset is to state that the Church can change her doctrines, as Bergoglio et al recommend.

One blogger succinctly expresses this point for us in discussing the supposed turn around the Church made in regard to the death penalty:

In matters of morality, because of our natural law moral system, conclusions can, and should, change as new information comes along. We come to know the moral purpose of a thing in part by understanding what that thing is. Thus, as our understanding of a thing increases the moral conclusion may also develop.

We saw this on display with the most recent revision of the Catechism concerning capital punishment. The first reason the Catechism gives for why this teaching developed is because today there is “an increasing awareness that the dignity of the person is not lost even after the commission of very serious crimes.” Previous generations didn’t have the degree of awareness that we have, so their moral conclusions were different.

Paul Fahey, We Do Not Possess the Truth

Right. Our greater degree of awareness (hubris much?) makes us more enlightened than our ancestors, which is why we can now say the death penalty is bad, whereas before, it was lauded by St. Thomas Aquinas. Yet they claim they aren’t guilty of moral relativism because Truth is not unchanging, but alive and subject to the interpretations and understanding of any given age. It’s a defense for moving moral goal posts.

But what does this have to do with patriotism and being Catholic?

Manifestly Destined to Conquer?

At the time of the revolution and for many years after, through the Teddy Roosevelt years and beyond through the WWII years, there was a common practice of confusing love of country with a sense of divinely appointed entitlement. This meshed well, and was produced by, the Protestant ethic that God pours forth material blessings upon those whom He loves. One will typically find Protestants defending capitalist ventures even if those ventures are rapacious – because the more material wealth (read ‘blessings’) that accrues to them, the more they are “loved by God.”

Unfortunately, many, many American Catholics were caught up in the fervor of this ambition, forgetting that the Catholic ethic is that those whom God loves, He will make suffer. He invited us to share His cross with Him and told us to work out our salvation in fear trembling, that those who would be with Him in paradise should take up their cross and follow Him. Suffering, as an ambition, is anything but divorced from Catholic life. It is even a point of worry should a Catholic go through life with too easy a life.

I realize better every day what grace our Lord has shown me in enabling me to understand the blessings of suffering so that I can peacefully endure the want of happiness in earthly things since they pass so quickly. 

St. Teresa of Avila

Catholics are made fun of for “Catholic guilt” and for elevating and pedestalizing suffering. Yet the Catholic distancing from seeing suffering as a holy thing can be attributed directly to the influence of Protestantism on Catholicism. Subsequently, its belief in the contrary, that God rains down material blessings on those He loves, gave rise to a participation by Catholics in a false understanding of what it means to be a patriot.

It’s evident that the Protestant-borne idea that we, the American nation, are manifestly destined to conquer by dint of our superior principles of government (those subjectivist ideations of truth explicated by our blogger above), was argued by Catholic Americanists of the time, resulting in the condemnation of Leo XIII.

Now God passes the banner to the hands of America, to bear it — in the cause of humanity and it is your office to make its destiny known to America and become its grand chaplain. Over all America there is certainly a duty higher than the interests of the individual states — even of the national government. The duty to humanity is certainly a real duty, and America cannot certainly with honor, or fortune, evade its great share in it. Go to America and say, thus saith the Lord! Then you will live in history as God’s Apostle in modern times to Church & to Society. Hence I am a partisan of the Anglo-American alliance, together they are invincible and they will impose a new civilization. 

Bishop Denis O’Connell, a protégé of James Cardinal Gibbons, Archbishop of the U.S. primatial see, Baltimore

In response to such an inflated sense of entitlement, even duty, the Church, via Leo XIII admonished her children to regard the [American] form of government, which supports the freedom to hold and advocate any and all opinions, with a more circumspect eye.

These dangers, viz., the confounding of license with liberty, the passion for discussing and pouring contempt upon any possible subject, the assumed right to hold whatever opinions one pleases upon any subject and to set them forth in print to the world, have so wrapped minds in darkness that there is now a greater need of the Church’s teaching office than ever before, lest people become unmindful both of conscience and of duty.

Pope Leo XIII, Testem Benevolentiae Nostrae

The Catholic Patriot does not, can not laud the founding principles of this nation. That the subjectivist ever-evolving freemasonic principles and understanding of truth and freedom enshrined in the American constitution are inherently and unequivacally opposed to a Catholic understanding of freedom is made clear in Leo XIII’s Libertas Praestantissimum, one of the most salient encyclicals of the modern age. There is no compatibility between Catholicism and the United States Constitution.

What about Libertarianism?

Fair enough. Let’s say the federal government is wrong and always has been. Surely one may point to Libertarianism as a recourse in line with the argument for subsidiarity and local government?

Libertarianism posits that morality and law should be left to the subject of individual states. Any Catholic espousing such a political system is doing Catholicism wrong. The only Catholic libertarianism which would fly is one that exists in a state where Catholicism is the state religion, thus making certain crimes universally illegal, like abortion, rape, homosexuality, and incest, and not subject to individual locale.

Morality and law, broadly considered, are not subject to individual states and local governments, because any civil society is answerable to a higher moral authority, that of the Church – even if that moral authority goes unrecognized as it does in the United States.

Just because a nation doesn’t recognize the right of the Catholic Church as the highest moral authority on earth doesn’t mean the American federal government has no obligation to follow the moral dictates of the Catholic Church. It does mean our nation has direct responsibility for every government sanctioned death produced by Roe v. Wade.

While local government can and certainly should do what it can to mitigate the failure of federal government to uphold the moral laws of the Church, Catholics in no way can support a system which argues as a matter of principle that morality and law is and should be subject to the whims of the local populace.

Catholic Patriotism

So how do we Catholics reconcile our duty to be patriotic, with our condemnation of our country’s founding principles? Like Catholics at the time of the revolutionary war (more on that at a future time), discerning a balanced approach toward how we consider the United States can be difficult.

Simply, it’s ‘hate the sin, not the sinner.’

Love and pray for your country, deplore its government, how it is established, how it is used and abused to transgress against God’s law.

Love your fellow citizens and pray for them, deplore and hate the false principles and modernism which they espouse.

Love the flag, the symbol of your country’s struggle for freedom from tyrannical rule, deplore and hate its elevation as a idol to be worshipped by Americanists.

Catholic patriotism, like so many other aspects of Catholicism, is a balance between two sides – the one which hates everything the United States stands for, and the other, which hails ‘Merica as the greatest country on earth. To be fair, the United States is the greatest country on Earth. Sadly, that doesn’t say much for Earth.

They want ‘the personal is political’? Give it to them.

Companies are catering to liberal interests and forgetting their customer base in favor of identity politics. They are convinced they are untouchable and have come to believe in their own legend. They need to be reminded where their money is, that it’s not in special interest “victim” groups and identity politics.

The leftists believe the personal is political, so let’s give them what they want and get down and dirty with consumer politics. Let’s get personal.

Conservatives: Learn to Play Dirty

As conservatives, we are so accustomed to having respect for private property, including the right to one’s own opinion and choices – as long as those choices didn’t infringe upon a general moral consensus (what socons love to call ‘Judeo-Christian values’) that this does not come naturally to us. Or at least it didn’t.

It might be difficult to get personal on everything if you’re in the older generation, but it’s time we start recognizing that we aren’t going to win this war on our own terms. To the question of whether or not it should be ‘all is fair in love and war’ or honor demands we not cross certain lines, the answer is, cross what lines may be crossed without impunity.

Money is Power

Buycotting, boycotting and using consumer politics to express your voice and protest against the globalist, socialist liberals who would love nothing more than to erode the sovereignty and morality of the American people is a time honored American tradition starting with the Boston tea party (carried out by Catholics, no less).

Even if your monarchical senses are offended at the idea of rising up against one’s own sovereign, one has to admit that the principle of ‘make a statement’ with a creative economic up-yours has its merits.

Solution: Activism

Stop participating in business transactions with companies that do not believe what you believe.

Sell your stock in these companies if you own any. If they are anti-American, donate to Planned Parenthood, or are are pushing the homosexual agenda, stop buying their brands.

As much as is possible, get rid of your items from these companies and do so publicly and boldly. Record it so people know they aren’t alone in this.

Encourage others to do the same and join like-minded activist groups that speak out against the causes of Western Civilization.

Remember, the personal is political in these people’s book. That is their frame of reference, so if we want to effect change, we have to go for the proverbial jugular and make it, yes, personal.

Want to know where to start in your boycotting and buycotting? Check out 2ndvote.com where you can start gathering information on which companies to avoid and which to support.

There is hope

In case you think it’s pointless, watch this video from Dr. Turley where he makes a great case for the younger generations trending toward a more traditionalist mindset than has been seen in the past 50 years.

#BurnIt #buycott #personalispolitical

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