Why There is no Compatibility Between Racism and Catholicism

Above is a glorious expose of one of the most beautiful aspects of our religion – the Church’s respect and appreciation for individual ethnicities, and the marked setting aside of the particulars of any one persons local custom in taking up the habit and living the consecrated life.

It is a putting off of self, and all material considerations, even those they practiced according to their individual local custom. Each of the nuns-to-be is wearing the traditional bridal costume of her respective ethnicity.

She will remove it and take up the veil instead, marking her as the bride of Christ, relinquishing all personal attachment to the things of this world, even to the point of relinquishing her own identity. It is the donning of selflessness and self-abasement. We are nothing. God is all. Deus Vult.

Alt Right: Right Religion is a Production of Man (Race)

Consider, however, in juxtaposition to the elevation of this self-sacrifice, those Catholics who want to participate in the vapid silly identity politics of the Alt-Right. That, because they all agree in their appreciation of Western Civilization, make the mistake of believing there may be something to the race based arguments of the Alt-Right.

Even though the Alt-Right is hardly monolithic in its defense of race based separation of peoples, what they do inherently agree on is that religion is a production of man rather than a production of God. That makes sense considering so many of them are typically atheists, agnostics, or confused “Christians”, even Catholics, of various stripes.

They do not see right religion as the thing which is, full stop; as the source of ordered culture, an ordered culture, which, by its common morality across all subjective racial/local custom lines, produces true freedom in the secular plane.

To the contrary, they see it as the thing which is produced, as a byproduct of a given culture (Western) and that culture produced by a given race (European).

It presents the value of right religion, in so far as it is a cultural influence supporting Western Civilization specifically, as something to be admired and sought after because of what it does for their race (as they see it). They gut it entirely, denaturing the Faith and reduce it to a superficial entity which exists to protect superficial, materialistic considerations.

Alt-Right people, some of whom, unfortunately, are trad Catholics, are caught up in this identity politics. To put it in a visual way:

Race —> Culture —>Religion

God Doesn’t Care What Race You Are

Catholicism on the other hand:
Religion —> Culture —–> Freedom to formulate distinct cultural traditions (ethnicities)

Make no mistake, the Catholic Church, the single greatest influence in the creation of Western Civilization, has never discriminated according to race – not since there was the dispute between St. Peter and St. Paul regarding the gentiles. Souls matter – everything else is immaterial, and utterly transient, subject to the whims of time and locale.

Any Catholic who attempts to delineate along skin color lines is a very great fool, for they invert the sequence of causation in regard to culture and religion.

For a Catholic, what race we are doesn’t truly matter, because that’s a materialistic concern. It’s level of importance is directly proportionate to the level of importance we assign any other tool we might use for the raising and conversion of souls in this valley of tears.

Love for Western Civilization =/= Your Personal Superiority

Non-Catholics in the Alt-Right don’t understand this because they don’t understand religion. They want to identify with other people, to feel like they are not alone in this travail of life. They want a tribe.

Catholics who get caught up in it don’t understand this because they don’t understand their religion. Can we expect less given the poor catechesis and the confusion of the modern world?

They don’t understand that anything good that came out of Western Civiliztion came by way of the Catholic Church. Every good of Western Civ is directly attributable to the Catholic Church either by formulation or preservation. For that matter, every good (full stop) of every culture, every religion, every nation, every ethnicity is of God (and by extension, God’s Religion, the Catholic Church).

Western Civilization in particular is identifiable with Catholicism because it actually created it and the Roman rite tends to spread it wherever it goes. Catholicism is not the outcome of Western Civilization. It is the source. Holy Mother Church acts a fountain for the goods which the West has come up and retained.

Putting Things in Their Proper Perspective

The inherent godlessness of the Alt Right (i.e. the belief that religion is man-made, is an outcome of man’s culture and ethnicity) results in Racists assigning disproportionate importance to race and ethnicity because they are unable to see the forest for the trees. Race, our human existence, these are things that pass away. These are the trees. They are nothings. In the relative scale of things that truly matter, they are nothings.

They are nice nothings. But they are nothings. They help in the establishment of society – cultures tend to do that. And interestingly enough, from a social science point of view, they leave an indelible stamp on their peoples.

I have a huge admiration and love for all things Irish – they are a dramatic, poetic people who, if they can’t win at something easily, by golly, throw in the towel, have a drink and write a song about it. American country music hugely benefited from the Irish.

If I want something that works with mechanical precision, I look for German made. If I want an avante garde tech gadget, I’m looking for a product from Japan. If I want something that will last for years, I look for something from Korea. If I want something distinctly refined and elegant, I look to France, for staid and dry, to England, to fiery and dramatic, to Italy and Greece. If I want a bad a$$ warrior who just won’t stop, I am looking for a Pole (I have one. <3)

But those are all transient things because they are attached to this world. They are surely not worth losing my soul over through pride and an undue attachment to the things of this world.

Hubris Never Saved Anyone’s Soul

Taking pride in material considerations or being uncharitable toward others, failing in empathy or compassion, is not the Catholic way. Making so much of material considerations, regardless of what they are, is merely a matter of petty and juvenile hubris, and indicative of a weak, confused, and sadly insecure mind.

Catholics believe in borders and the intrinsic right to private property and national sovereignty. We also believe in compassion and taking up what we can admire and leaving the rest.

Other cultures may be drastically different than our own. If they are pagan, we convert them and repurpose for the service of Right Religion what are often perverted appropriations of Catholic truth. This is how we got the Christmas tree and carving pumpkins for All Hallow’s Eve.

There are goods to be had in other cultures. Just because they are not our own does not mean they are inherently unworthy of emulation or use. But we remain true to Catholicism. That is our north star. Not race. Not ethnicity. That’s worthless rubbish.

What Catholics Take Pride In

By all means, take pride in your race and ethnic background. Take pride in Western Civilization because it’s a glorious thing. But remember you, and I, and everyone else on God’s green earth, no matter who are what or how well endowed we are with truth, goodness, beauty, wealth, brains, or brawn, is anything more than an ass.

We may carry the jewels God has bestowed upon us in one form or fashion, but ultimately, we deserve nothing less than to be incinerated for our many offenses against God. We take pride in our infirmities, because that is all we have. “O happy fault that earned so great, so glorious a Redeemer!” That is the Catholic attitude.

We take pride in it only in the sense that by it the good God has deigned to send us a Redeemer gratis, without any merit of our own. (Repeat: Without. Any. Merit. Of. Our. Own.)

Grow Up Time

A word to the ‘Catholic’ white nationalists: You are no better than your poor black neighbor down the street, fool. You may be Catholic, and you may have the Truth. You may have a better chance of raising souls for heaven. Maybe. (Big maybe, considering your race-based presumptions.) But really, it means you have more to answer for because you’ve been given greater goods of which you are the custodian – again, through no merit of your own. You are still just as much of an ass as anyone else.)

It’s silliness. ‘Race- ism’, the belief that race and ethnicity matters so much, that a person is inherently better based off their skin-color or ethnicity, is silliness. Like all identity politics is. We’re different. People are different. Get over it. Catholic or not Catholic. That’s what matters.

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