You’ll notice in this telling expose that young liberals don’t believe other people have the right to be heard, to spread what they unilaterally and subjectively decide should not be spread.

What’s interesting is that it’s a case in point of the failure of the liberal thesis. For many years, this country tottered along believing utopian democracy was possible right around the next bend, even as we grew further and further remote from the (Catholicism informed) moral principles which allowed for a free republic in the first place.

Right or Wrong

We have now come full circle. What the Church has always recognized to be true, and was rejected by secular godless philosophers, is now recognized de facto by the modern alt left: there is no such thing as free speech. The God-given right to spread and disseminate falsehood is a delusion, an ideal America set up and established for ourselves with the common understanding that there were certain lines that wouldn’t be crossed.

Our modern age’s response is “Lines? What lines?” They defy anyone to contradict them no and have enshrined their will to act as arbiters of what should be socially acceptable, cemented in their right to determine what are legitimate opinions, to the point that their bloated sense of self-rightousness demands total and absolute submission. They are a mob who collectively claim, “You are either for us or you are against us.”

By comparison, the Catholic Church has always said error has no rights. No one has the right to preach error. Unlike the modern left, what constitutes error is not up to the subjective, vapid, and morally decrepit mind of the mob, but to God, known to us via the medium of God’s religion, Catholicism.

Such was the power of the order created from this religion that it civilized a continent. Remove it, and we revert back to barbarity. So we have.

The New Barbarism

We are now faced with a new dilemma, of socially irreconcilable differences. These are the things that revolutions are made of, and there is only so far society can bend under the pressure before it buckles and war breaks loose.

We have the despotism of disorder, opposed to the absolutism of order. What will we be left with in the end? And is there any way the devil will not win his ultimate goal of more souls?

Free speech, such as we Americans conceive it, is an impossible, unattainable goal. Because we are fallen humans with original sin, we will make evil choices. We will think wrongly. But error has no rights. Only truth is allowed, by right, to be spread (because all rights come from God and God is truth and goodness itself).

Stripping Away of True Freedom

Freedom, the ability to choose between goods, is itself a wonderful good, one which liberal leftists want to deprive us of by forcing their hedonistic amorality upon us. They want total hegemony over if and how we spend our money, how we privately own anything – assuming they allow private ownership, over what we read or listen to, what we think of anything and everything, and how our children are educated.

It’s an ideology, totalitarian, absolute, despotic, and tyrannical. It’s us or them. They have recognized it publicly and forcefully.

The time has come for Catholics everywhere to recognize the dire nature of this fight, to cease hoping that this will self-resolve without our active engagement and participation.

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