A rash of outraged priests and nuns who feel compelled to protest against Trump’s immigration policies has produced a raging debate amongst Catholics. On the one hard are the liberal ‘Catholics’ who back the globalists (and typically believe in contraception and abortion as well), on the other the conservative Catholics who believe in using a door as a protective measure.

You won’t see these priests and nuns getting arrested in droves in abortion clinics. Isn’t it amazing how human lives matter all of a sudden when the leftist media can drum up attention, using unfortunate children brought in by irresponsible parents, as political tools?

And here are people donning the collar and habit (why do I suspect they are using religious clothing as a way to reinforce the supposed righteousness of their cause?) to participate in politicking against the president of the U.S. Where was their anti-abortion politicking for the past forty years? Apparently globalist agenda actually matters. Human babies, not so much.

But did you expect differently from the hypocritical, Modernist Novus Ordo? I didn’t.

What leftist Catholics seem to forget in their attempt to conflate charity with globalism, is that St. Thomas Aquinas made it very clear that a country has the right to establish borders. Read this article by TFP for an in depth analysis of St. Thomas Aquinas’ defense of immigration policies including borders.

What’s hilarious is that this has to be pointed out, however. As if a border, just like one has a door that locks on one’s house, isn’t the most obvious common sense proposition in the history of man. And yet, here we are.

I am Catholic. I believe in the scholastic method. I defend St. Thomas Aquinas and the Church denoting him as her preeminent scholar. I believe in a border. Do you? Do you like the way these people are misrepresenting Catholicism as a globalist religion?

Join me in a counterprotest hashtag campaign:: #CatholicsBelieveInBorders. Post a pic of you holding a poster: I am with St. Thomas Aquinas. Catholics believe in borders.

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