No. Here’s why.

In a recent article by (a misnomered site if I’ve ever heard one because they wouldn’t know truth if it bit them in the rear), a bleeding heart SJW writer opines,

Children are dying at our doorstep, exhausted, underfed and alone. It is revealing of the so-called pro-life’s movements true motivations that this horror is being ignored by its leading organizations.

Kendra Stanton Lee

Let’s set aside the bold faced hypocrisy of leftists claiming to care about immigrant children, while also touting “reproductive rights” and abortion, or as Matt Walsh once put it, you can’t tell me you care about immigrant children when you stand upon a mountain of a million dead babies.

That these people are the worst sort of deceivers, or maybe they are just that irrational/stupid, is clear in their attempt to claim that because a company spends its resources along its mission directive, it’s hypocritical, evil, or heartless. 

Nothing on the homepage of National Right to Life, which spent $270,000 lobbying against abortion in 2018, would suggest the containment of children in cages on U.S. soil is among its most pressing concerns. 

Kendra Stanton Lee

Lack of focus explains a lot

Perhaps this professional truth masseuse may have never heard of ‘mission parameters’ or that popularized business idiom, ‘the one thing,’ or as the ancient Romans liked to say Age Quod Agis: ‘Do what you are doing.’

People are welcome to set up non-profits benefiting immigrant children. And others can donate, knowing their money is going to the cause of immigrant children as opposed to a pro-choice cause, a global warming cause, an anti-abortion cause or the Trump 2020 cause or the Build the Wall cause. Why? 

Because a non-profit company’s mission statement should be a clear directive of where their efforts and monies are spent. People donate with the understanding that the organization they are donating to will abide by that mission and not go after every cause ownership subjectively determines is worthy. 

Different people see life differently

Maybe it’s inconceivable to the writer, but those who are prolife are not a group think monolith that all think the same. Some see donating to the border wall as far more effective in saving lives, than donating to aid organizations. Yeah, it’s true. Incomprehensible, isn’t it? 

I love how leftists can’t seem to wrap their heads around the fact that people don’t fit into neat little categories that they can condemn at will.

Come on, now. This isn’t rocket science. I would have hoped that democrats are not so desperate to divide this country further and demonize their conservative neighbors, that they would call out commonly understood professionalism as heartlessness. Unfortunately not.

The Bald Truth

If anyone is wondering why we’ve become a nation of wimps, it’s because we’ve let emotionally charged bleeding heart SJWs like this run this country for far too long.

The bald truth is if we had a wall, the number of children coming over the border would be far less.

The bald truth is that the onus for the care of these children does not belong to our country. It does not belong to our families. It does not belong to pro-life non-profits. It belongs to the parents who brought them here or sent them here. It’s a tragic shame that these children are suffering like this. As a nation, we should do what we can – and we are, through our taxes.

The bald truth is that there are only so many resources to go around. Families and funding in the U.S. have to make a choice about what they want to fund beyond their taxes. If they have to choose between funding a company focused on saving babies lives and a company focused on saving immigrant children’s lives, who the heck do you think you are to judge their choice?

Just because they aren’t funding your personal bleeding heart cause du jour doesn’t mean they are evil monsters. The audacity to even suggest it is mind-boggling.

Irreconcilable Differences

And why stop there with immigrant children? There are soo many human crises happening in the United States alone. It’s like the other lie they like to use: if pro-life people really cared about life, they would allow abortion because the foster system is so bad, foster kids are better off dead. I can’t with that kind of stupid. I just can’t.

It’s a zero sum game when it comes to resources and pro-life non-profits answer to their donors – not to liberals who want them to hare after this that and the other causes (which just so happen to coincide with their anti-Trump agenda.)

With this kind of irrationality, I see civil war on the horizon. You can’t reason with insane people. And these people are certifiable.

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