They want ‘the personal is political’? Give it to them.

Companies are catering to liberal interests and forgetting their customer base in favor of identity politics. They are convinced they are untouchable and have come to believe in their own legend. They need to be reminded where their money is, that it’s not in special interest “victim” groups and identity politics.

The leftists believe the personal is political, so let’s give them what they want and get down and dirty with consumer politics. Let’s get personal.

Conservatives: Learn to Play Dirty

As conservatives, we are so accustomed to having respect for private property, including the right to one’s own opinion and choices – as long as those choices didn’t infringe upon a general moral consensus (what socons love to call ‘Judeo-Christian values’) that this does not come naturally to us. Or at least it didn’t.

It might be difficult to get personal on everything if you’re in the older generation, but it’s time we start recognizing that we aren’t going to win this war on our own terms. To the question of whether or not it should be ‘all is fair in love and war’ or honor demands we not cross certain lines, the answer is, cross what lines may be crossed without impunity.

Money is Power

Buycotting, boycotting and using consumer politics to express your voice and protest against the globalist, socialist liberals who would love nothing more than to erode the sovereignty and morality of the American people is a time honored American tradition starting with the Boston tea party (carried out by Catholics, no less).

Even if your monarchical senses are offended at the idea of rising up against one’s own sovereign, one has to admit that the principle of ‘make a statement’ with a creative economic up-yours has its merits.

Solution: Activism

Stop participating in business transactions with companies that do not believe what you believe.

Sell your stock in these companies if you own any. If they are anti-American, donate to Planned Parenthood, or are are pushing the homosexual agenda, stop buying their brands.

As much as is possible, get rid of your items from these companies and do so publicly and boldly. Record it so people know they aren’t alone in this.

Encourage others to do the same and join like-minded activist groups that speak out against the causes of Western Civilization.

Remember, the personal is political in these people’s book. That is their frame of reference, so if we want to effect change, we have to go for the proverbial jugular and make it, yes, personal.

Want to know where to start in your boycotting and buycotting? Check out where you can start gathering information on which companies to avoid and which to support.

There is hope

In case you think it’s pointless, watch this video from Dr. Turley where he makes a great case for the younger generations trending toward a more traditionalist mindset than has been seen in the past 50 years.

#BurnIt #buycott #personalispolitical

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  1. Also remember that any of those who aid and abet our People’s enemies are equally guilty, unto the least of them. That clerk working at place selling Nikes is just as valid of a target at every minute of every day as Kaepernick. When you see that clerk, let them know that they’re the enemy. If possible, let their children know it as well.

    Make their lives and their families’ lives such an affliction that they’ll either change, leave, or do America the favor of suicide.


    1. I don’t believe in targeting children. At some point, we have to draw a line, and I don’t see how we can target children and consent to them being casualties in this culture war, if we are going to have a hope of their thinking we are the reasonable side. It’s clearly evident that the liberal modernists are the crazy violent ones. We should let them hang themselves with their own rope – and they are, which is why we are seeing a huge swing toward conservatism by the younger generations.


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