Why this blog

Because a proliferation of traditional Catholic content means greater social awareness of traditional Catholicism. One hopes that will produce conversions.

National Traditionalist is borne of the fact that a great many people on social media do not want to participate in political and religious discourse and social media is thoroughly unreliable given their extreme leftist bent.

Most people want non-controversial vanilla subjects like cat memes and parenting struggles. And surely those things have their place.

However, I fear in ignoring these other deeply important issues because they cause unsettling feelings, we are conceding ground to the enemies of our faith, our economic welfare, and our way of life. We place Western Civilization in jeopardy.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” 

– Edmund Burke

What to Expect

  • Commentary on current events, political and religious, some of it snarky, all of it from a traditional Catholic perspective
  • Blatantly and unashamedly Catholic perspectives on sex, marriage, politics, economics, philosophy, and the social contract
  • Devotions and traditions directed at celebrating Catholic saints, feast days, etc. in line with traditional Catholic culture(s) – these may include recipes as well as cultural practices
  • Brutally honest and unapologetic condemnation of immorality, modernism, abortion, globalism, socialism, freemasonry, satanism, and heresy of all types
  • A frequent Call to Arms, typically spiritual (because we are in a war against principalities and powers), but other times, calling for activism and initiatives which mobilize and agitate against the enemies of Christ
  • Sharing of advice and tips for SHTF scenarios – not because it’s the end of the world, but because it’s close

What I Hope to Accomplish

I could easily enough write my thoughts in a private journal, but I’m a conversationalist. I love the exchange and flow of ideas and the defense of the truth to the ignorant, the misinformed, and the malicious.

I believe in the power of writing to potentially change the world by changing the hearts and minds of individuals. Whether God will use any of us in such a manner, as the proximate means of that change, is out of our hands. That we should make ourselves available for His use in these dire times, when support for His Kingship is so few and far between, is without question.

My Favorite Reader

… is the one who is interactive and has something to say. While lurkers have their merits, man is a social animal and interaction and discourse has invariably been the means by which change of any sort has occurred.

While modern society breaks us into clan-like tribal groupings where we feel the need to defend our opinions to the death, for better or worse, we Catholics adhere to a supraorganizational entity – a society founded on religious principles given to us by Christ – which unites us in all the ways that ultimately matter.

My favorite readers are those who may disagree with me on the externals of living life, but are kind enough to publicly recognize that we are united by the common bonds of our weak and frail human existence, the grace received of God in the sacraments, and our membership via baptism into the one true Church of Christ.

Let’s be Real

I want this blog to be real, authentic, sometimes raw and poignant. Because of the nature of the beast, it will frequently come across as negative and disproportionately focused on the evils currently taking place in this world. Sadly, the evil is the squeaky wheel that always gets the grease. Good deeds are seldom reported beyond one’s immediate circle of friends.

But because I want this blog to be real, certain postings will be fundraising campaigns for traditional Catholics who have run into unexpected hardship. These are real people, real Catholics, sometimes real friends that could use the support of their traditional Catholic community. I hope you won’t simply scroll by without offering up at least one Hail Mary on their behalf.

You’re Invited

If you have had enough of society’s liberal, modernist shenanigans, join me on this journey by subscribing to my blog feed. The more of us there are, sharing and participating, the more it will be impossible to silence and ignore us.

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